For the past couple of months I’ve felt stuck with this blog. We continue to do Brain Balance, and the kids continue to steadily improve. Kimball is enjoying school, church, and cub scouts. Anahí’s progress is measured, but consistent. She communicates much better, she engages more with other people, and she enjoys her kindergarten class.

As I have been thinking about where to go from here, it occurs to me that now might be as good a time as any to go back to the beginning and tell the story of how our family came to be. I know that there might be something narcissistic in all of this, but I also think it will be worth the effort for a couple of reasons.

First of all, I have gained strength from reading the stories of other people, and I hope that people today will find strength in reading our story. We don’t have a perfect family, and like all parents we are learning as we go, but if some young family comes along and reads this and learns from some of the mistakes we have made, I think that is great.

The second reason I want to write this is to have something for my posterity. I would love to read something like this from my parents, and so this is my gift to my children and all those who come after me.

So here begins the origin story of the Todd and Betty Mack family. I’ve decided to start just before when Betty and I met so that you can have a bit of context for our meeting. Since I only have my own point of view, I will have to write from there. I’ll check in with Betty periodically to see if she has anything to add. I hope you enjoy.