The other day we had a pretty interesting experience. A family from church invited us over for cow head tacos. It turns out that someone was slaughtering cows and they were going to throw the heads away, but this brother from the branch said "Are you kidding? We can use that." So we did.

In Mexico that the head is prized (by some) because some of the meat, especially the tongue, is pretty good. The trouble with dealing with the head, however, is that it is pretty tough to get all of the meat off of the bones. There were a few different families there, and everyone had to pitch in. Some had to get the bigger chunks of meat off of the bones, others had to take those bigger chunks (most of which are pretty tough) and chop them up into smaller pieces, while still others gave everything a final cooking in a fry pan. It was quite a production, but totally worth it.

For the kids it was a great experience to try something totally new. They thought it was pretty cool to see the head bones and the tongue lying out, and they even enjoyed eating the head meat. I can't honestly say that cow head tacos are my favorite, but they were pretty good. Like the old saying goes: you don't eat the cow head tacos because they taste good, you eat them because it gives you an excuse to spend quality time with your friends and a chance to teach your kids about trying new things.

Tongue ...

The whole thing gets boiled in a pot

No explanation necessary :)