The other day my mom and my sister were visiting here in Cedar. Betty was in Saint George and had requested that we make lunch for when she got back.

We opened the fridge and the freezer, took stock of what we had, and whipped up a pretty fantastic meal. 

Mom and Annie worked on the base of the salad. We didn't have a ton of produce, but we did have lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots. That was enought for the base. We also happened to have a bunch of plums, some of which were getting pretty soft. I split the plums, pulled out the seeds, and chopped them up. Then I thawed out some chicken in the microwave, cubed it, and fried it in avocado oil (which I don't like quite as much as coconut oil but you use what you've got on hand). 

When the chicken looked close to done I threw in the plums and drizzled some organic maple syrup into the pan as well. I turned down the heat a bit and let the whole thing reduce. I actually didn't let it reduce quite long enough. I should have waited a bit longer, until the chicken was really golden and the sauce had become syrupy. Even though I pulled it a bit early, it was still pretty great. 

So when the chicken looks done you pull it off, let it cool a minute (if you want), and then throw it on top of the green salad. We dressed it with a bit of olive oil and apple cider vinegar (I like basalmic better, but again you use what you've got). 

The kids all asked for seconds. 


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