Several weeks ago, we were sitting around on a Sunday afternoon wondering what we could do. I’m not really the most creative person in the world when it comes to playing with my kids, so I felt pretty stumped. We decided to get out Kimball’s cub scout book to see if there was anything we could work on. One of the requirements is for him to put on a skit.

My kids have never really been into pretend play. They just don’t seem to get it like most other kids. But we do have a big box of dress up clothes. I spent some time coaching them through a short skit and narrating it. Then I pulled out my iPhone and recorded it. Then I remembered something I had heard about these easy-to-make trailers in iMovie for iOS, and I decided to give it a try. I opened up the app, pulled in the video, and followed the instructions. It was really easy, and I was able to create a really fun movie trailer for the kids skit in just a few minutes. Since then we’ve made several more. We have done them on walks, while playing at the splash pad, and even while doing brain balance exercises. I’ll post them as I get them going, but here is our first trailer for our skit: The Quest.