Since we've gone on the Brain Balance diet, one of the trickier things we have had to deal with is treats. Our kids, like all kids, like treats. But being gluten-, dairy-, soy-, peanut-, and refined sugar-free makes it tough to come up with great ideas for things.

Thankfully one of the first things we purchased when we started the program was a Presto Electric Stirring Popcorn Popper. This thing is great, and at $23 (I think we got ours even cheaper on sale) it is well worth the price.

There is no on switch on this machine, but as soon as you plug it in this metal bar starts slowly spinning around the bottom of the dish-like popper. At the same time, the popper starts to heat up. We then add about a cup of kernels (very cheap wherever you buy them) and put the lid on. You can see in the picture that the lid is actually a large bowl flipped upside down. It takes just a few minutes to pop the entire batch of kernels at which time you simply unplug the machine and flip it over.

We let our kids decide if they want to top with just salt or if they want to also add cinnamon (which without any sugar actually makes the popcorn taste sweet) or tajín which makes it a tiny bit spicy. On very special occasions we top it with maple syrup and cinnamon. This makes a sticky but delectable treat.

The best thing about this treat is that it is super easy to do and dirt cheap. The trickiest thing about it is that popcorn can make a mess. The popper also gets very hot and the kids always want to touch it, so you need to make sure that someone is keeping a close eye on things.

What about you all? What healthy, easy, cheap go-to treats do you give your kids?