Namaste on your birthday, Ian. Namaste.

With all of the focus on Kimball and Anahí, it is sometimes easy to forget about their siblings (I wrote about this a while ago here).

But not today, because today is Ian’s birthday. He is two years old.

This is special little guy. Just over a year ago he got RSV and was hospitalized. Then he got sick on a family campout, and over the next six months he was constantly sick and in and out of the ER and doctor’s office with various and sundry infections. When we moved to Cedar City and I got my new job we went onto a high deductible health savings account health plan. It was a big risk because of all of the expenses we had accrued over the first year, but Ian has gotten stronger, we have learned how to manage his sicknesses at home, and the Lord has blessed our little boy. We are happy to report that in the past 11 months he has only been to the doctor one time! This is absolutely a miracle for us.

Perhaps because he was sick for so long, Ian is a little guy and still seems like a baby. But he is growing and starting to talk and we are learning that he is very, very smart and aware of what is going on. It’s fun to see him grow and develop right before our eyes. I especially love his knock-knock jokes and to hear him boss the dog around.

So what do we eat on his birthday, if we can’t have gluten or dairy? We really like the cake mixes from Namaste Foods. Spice is our favorite. They do have some sugar, but it’s a special occasion and we are happy to celebrate with our special guy.


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