Last week we had a family reunion at Bear Lake with my parents and siblings and their kids. As always happens at these events, we had a talent show one of the nights that we were there. A couple of weeks ago, Anahí had sung “For the First Time” from Frozen with me when I put her to bed, and I was again taken by how beautifully she sings. So when it was time to plan the talent show, I thought it would be great for her and Alicia to sing a Frozen song together, or with me. When it was their time to perform, however, Anahí told me that she didn’t want to sing a Frozen song and she didn't want to sing with Alicia; she wanted to sing something else. So she did.

Here it is (it starts soft, but she picks up steam about halfway through):

I don’t think you can really appreciate how surprised and confused everyone was. It was cute, but what in the heck was she singing about? Most of what she sings is pretty incomprehensible and falls into the category of echolalia. She is singing because she likes how the words sound and feel, not necessarily because of what they mean. I couldn’t not laugh at it. It was just so odd. Cute, but odd.

Then I started thinking a bit more, and I became more and more astounded at what she had done. How many people do you know with the courage or capability of composing on the spot something like this? Sure it is mostly echolalic and nonsensical, but it is also beautiful. There is creativity and imagination in there that are bursting out of her, wanting to connect with us. It was something I’ve never seen before, but I feel like if our hard work can help her to break out of that shell, she is going to be a powerful imaginative and creative force in the world. She has so much music locked inside of her. I believe that this was just the beginning.


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