This past month has been amazing – an absolute miracle in so many ways. Last Friday we received our first month's progress report on the kids. Over the next few days I plan on writing about their amazing progress and milestones, but I just wanted to write a quick note with an update on our fundraising progress. 

To be honest, when I started this blog I had no idea how things would go. Today I am happy to say that over the past month you all, our sweet friends and family, have donated over $3,000 to help us pay for this program for our kids. That is one quarter of a ten-year loan in one month!

I wish that there were something more that we could do or say than to continue to share our experiences, keep you updated on Kimball and Anahí's progress, answer any questions you might have, and say THANK YOU! Your donations, no matter their size, are changing our life and the life of our sweet kids. We feel totally humbled and grateful and want you to know that we love you and would love to pay this forward in any way that we can.