Yesterday was an awesome day for Anahí. In the morning Betty told her to get dressed for the thousandth time, and she expected for the thousandth time that Anahí would tell her that she couldn't do it, that she needed help. The next thing she knew Anahí came out of her room and she was all dressed. Her shorts were on straight, her shirt was on straight, and she was proud of what she'd done. This might not seem like much of a victory for some people, but for Betty, who for five years has wondered if Anahí would ever be independent, it was a huge victory. 

It wasn't hard to get to look at the camera either :)

In the evening, the same thing happened. Anahí had a quick bath and then I told her to go and get her pijamas on. She had earned a toy at Brain Balance in the day, and I told her I'd hold onto that toy until she got her jammies on. Just a few minutes later she came down the stairs and was all dressed. Betty about wept for joy. It was awesome. 

But that's not all ...

Anahí's exercises are getting better and better each day. Remember how just six weeks ago she couldn't lift her head off the ground? Check out these sit-ups! And how about her working the camera and her siblings?!

And remember how she was a little wet noodle and had to do her push-ups against the wall? Well now she has started doing full pushups. She still needs a little bit of help remembering to keep her knees off the ground, but she can hold the plank position and she can do a few push-ups. It's so awesome to see her.