This morning I came across this article about the correlation between screen time and irritability in kids. When we tell people that our kids get absolutely no screen time during the week, they sometimes look at us like we are from Mars, or they tell us that there is no way they could ever do that with their kids. 

I know that every family is different, but we have been very pleased with the results of the no screen time rule of the Brain Balance program (they can watch one movie on Saturday or play Wii for 20 min). I know that this will have to change in the future as the kids get into school and have to do assignments and learn how to effectively use tech, but since we have started this our kids have actually learned to play with each other. There just aren't many other options. Anahí especially is far less obsessed with TV shows than she used to be and her speech has become clearer and more context-specific. There are still days where we wish we could just put on a movie and take a break from the kids, but then we remember the benefits of this way of life and it's not so hard to find something else that they can do.