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We are the Mack Family

Todd, Betty, Kimball (8), Anahí (5), Alicia (3), and Ian (1.5). We live in Cedar City, UT where Todd is a professor of Spanish language and culture at Southern Utah University. Betty has her hands full at home with our four awesome kiddos. 

Kimball and Anahí (pronounced ah-nah-EE) have autism, and we are currently doing the Brain Balance program to help get their bodies and brains strong and get them on a great path for their future. We do a lot of exercises, and we eat a nearly paleo diet -- no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no peanuts, no refined sugar (just lots of healthy goodness!).

On this blog we share our story with our family and friends. It might not look like much now, but we are excited about the opportunity to share our story. Check back with us in the future to find out how we are doing.