Lately Kimball has been on a writing kick.He wrote this really funny Thanksgiving story that I'll have to post sometime, but for today I wanted to share with you the letter that he wrote for Santa (I found it this morning in his backpack. No coaching from us on this). I think it says a lot about who Kimball is.

Here goes:

Dear Santa,

Christmas is when Jesus was born. I super want a present. I like your elves you are nice. You are awesome. You are cool I love you. Christmas is fun I love your reindeer my favorite one is Roudalgh how many reindeer do you have do kids visit you do you have a bell? What are your reindeers names? Will I get a present? How many toys do you have? Do you like fruit snacks and cookies? Which kids get presents? Please bring me something. I'm fine with anything.

Love, Kimball Mack

I love that Kimball starts by making sure that Santa knows what this holiday is all about. I love how warm and open he is about how he feels about Santa. I love that Kimball's interest in "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" comes out. It's his current favorite Christmas song. Kimball isn't often very open about movies that he likes, but I'm pretty sure that The Polar Express, which he hasn't seen for at least a year, has stuck in his mind. He loves trains and bells. I love that Kimball doesn't have a sense of entitlement about presents, and I wish I could give him everything that he deserves on this Christmas. He's worked harder and progressed more this year than I ever imagined possible.


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