So the other day I was watching Ian, and I noticed that he was playing with cars in a way I've never really seen any of my kids do before.

Kimball enjoyed playing with cars, and sometimes it looked like he was really using his imagination, but when we would take a step back and look at what he was doing, we would notice that he was simply lining the cars up around the room. Ian, on the other hand, plays with his cars. He makes car sounds and he drives them around with purpose -- not just for lining them up. I don't know that it is necessarily better than Kimball's play, but I just get a kick out of him driving stuff around and projecting his imagination onto these little cars.

So as I was watching this I got the idea of tying a string to a car so he could pull it around. He loved it! I'm sure there are people out there who would say, "Oh, how lucky the Mack's are that their kids are entertained by simple stuff. All my kids ever want to do is watch TV or play video games." But I think that it is the other way around. Because our kids don't watch TV they have to find other ways to occupy themselves. Because we don't have a lot of money to buy fancy toys, the kids have to find ways to entertain themselves with simple things. The amazing thing for me is that each kid has naturally gravitated to certain activities. Kimball loves creating random things with paper paper, crayons, scissors, and tape. He also likes playing catch and doing clapping games. Alicia loves to color, and she's turning into a pretty good artist. Anahí loves looking at books and playing dress-ups. Ian loves his cars and wrestling with Buffy (the other day I walked in the room and he had his mouth open and she was licking out the inside of it). They all LOVE singing and listening to music.

I'm glad that we pulled the plug on the TV and the iPad so that we could see all of these awesome creative outlets that our kids have largely chosen for themselves. They make some big messes, and there are times where it would be tempting to just plop them in front of a screen so that they will be still and let us get caught up on stuff, but there is just nothing that brings me as much joy as seeing little Ian run around with his cars.