A couple of weeks ago we went in for Kimball and Anahí's seven-month progress report. They both continue to make improvements, although as I noted in our last progress report, things have slowed down a bit. That makes for a shorter progress report :)


Kimball continues to amaze us with his hard work and ability to push himself. He is at or above age level in nearly every category now. In most categories he held firm this month, but he did bump up a bit in some areas.

In his fine motor he has now reached age level! He bumped from seven to eight years old this month. I can see this in his coloring, his handwriting, and in his ability and willingness to play catch. Last Saturday I broke out an old football that I bought for Kimball years ago that he has never been interested in, and we played legitimate catch for really the first time ever. Kimball catches the ball with his hands -- like a receiver -- and not with his body.mthe next day out of the blue he asked me if I wanted to play catch again!

He also bumped up a year in his proprioception -- from nine to ten. This means he has better spatial awareness which leads to better focus and communication. It also means more empathy. I can see this in the way he plays with other kids. At recess he no longer plays by himself. He moves around among the other kids. Sometimes he plays soccer, sometimes he shoots hoops, and sometimes he plays on the playground but his teachers report that he always plays with other kids. This is a big improvement over previous years when he would line up cones or run laps around the park by himself.

Another area where Kimball bumped up another year was in his rhythm and timing. He is now at the level of an eleven-year-old. This is awesome because it means that his mental processes are now more in sync. Messages get sent and received in a timely fashion, and that means he can make better decisions. We used to have to ask Kimball to do stuff dozens of times. Now it usually just takes once. It is a huge blessing for us to have a more independent and responsible kid helping around the house.


This little lady continues to work hard and to make progress. She is holding steady close to, at, or past her age level in nearly every category. She even bumped up a year in her supine core strength. This morning she was blowing through her sit-ups like a champion. She still gets distracted in school, but her focuses continues to improve. She is an excellent reader with a great memory for words. The area we hope to really focus on over the next weeks and months is her fine motor skills. She has not made much progress there and continues at about a two-year-old level. That is the craziness of autism. Development is so uneven, but the miracle with Anahí is that where most of her areas were in the two- to three-year-old range several months ago, now only her fine motor skills place her far below her age.

She is a special little girl, and we look forward to her continued progress.


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